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We accept all credit card payments via Paypal. And you don’t have to sign up with Paypal if you don’t wish to – there is an option for you to skip the signup process and continue to pay directly with your credit card.

We do our best to keep prices, stock availability and stock images as up to date as possible. All can be subject to change without prior notice.

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All orders of 2 bottles/units or more receive complimentary delivery all year round otherwise a delivery charge of HK50.00 will be added onto your order.




By placing an order on our website you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.

凡於本公司網站訂購貨品,表示 貴客 已確認閣下之年齡為十八歲或以上。



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本網站屬於本公司 The Crush Limited 所有。閣下只可按照本公司訂定之規則使用本網站。未經本公司同意,請勿挪用本網站之部份或全部內容。


Data Protection

By entering your details on our website, you consent to giving us permission to use your data only for the processing of your orders and to contact you in regards to your orders.  The Crush will inform you of occasional promotional offers.  If you do not wish to receive promotional materials please let us know –

若閣下於本網站填入個人資料,表示閣下同意及接受本公司使用該等資料作處理訂單及聯絡用途。本公司會於日後向閣下提供有關貨品推廣的資料,若閣下不願意接收有關內容,請電郵致 通知本公司。



The Crush reserves the right to make modifications to these terms and conditions without prior notice.

The Crush 保留隨時更改以上各規條之權利。