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26 December, 2011


Dinner at Gotts Roadside – Beef burger topped with blue cheese + garlic fries with Merryvale Starmont Cab Sauv 2007.

As if the hunk of meat in between the soft egg bun wasn’t rich enough…apparently….it wasn’t!  I felt richer than Liz Taylor with all her jewellery (before they were auctioned off) after polishing it off.  I didn’t give a damn whether I had to pay for it for the next week or 2 just to get rid of it.

Probably didn’t need the wine, the fries, the garlic herb butter fries soak or the blue cheese for that fact but hey…the burger would’ve been really lonely and I wouldn’t want that…even if it was 9:30am body clock time.  My stomach must hate me with a vengeance…I know my conscious already does.

I’m so going to introduce my hubby to these crispy chewy morsels soaked in garlic herb butter…there is seriously nothing more evil and satisfying than this :P

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