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Well I’m back in my beloved London and what better place to hang out than the Borough Markets down by the London Bridge tube station (a wonderful suggestion from a wonderful old friend!).  The first time I came here was at least 6 years ago and I remember wanting to buy everything and take it all home only to realise I only have two hands and not a lot of biceps to carry all that my greedy eyes wanted…how things have NOT changed.

We navigated our way through the colourful array of culinary delights (my eyeballs lighting up with whatever I happened to lay my eyes on) to Brindisa, a warm, crowded Spanish Tapas joint.  First thing first, wine list please.

First up was a glass of Verdejo from the region of Rueda – a grape which typically displays the same characteristics as Pinot Gris but this one reminded me of a slightly creamy Chardonnay, dry yet refreshing, good fruit and acidity and medium length.

Table was ready once our refreshing at the bar was done! There were only two of us so we we weren’t able to do “one of each” as I would’ve opted to but we managed a good selection:

1) Padron peppers, pan fried

2) Bread with aioli and olive oil

3) Mahon Afinador (farmhouse cow’s milkcheese) with tomato jam

4) Ham selection of serano, iberico and iberico de bellota ham

5) Tortilla de chorizo

I love the way Brindisa has categorized their wines: “Juicy & Gluggable”, “Smooth & Soft” or “Dense, Dark & Structured”!

Juicy & Gluggable it was – a blend of Prieto Picudo (red wine grape grown primarily in Spain) and Tempranillo from Castilla y Leon…we sounded like we were categorizing ourselves at one point! It has everything the usual dense and intense Tempranillo has but in a lighter more elegant way. Loved every drop of it while slowly devouring our plates…


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