The Crush HK

Love, Savour, Share

Yes its leftover pizza….(don’t cringe)….hey whats a girl to do when she’s just finished work on a Sat and has to go back to work early tomorrow morning…you grab the most accessible thing in the fridge and the top bottle off the shelf of your wine fridge…thats what.

Tonight’s specialty: meat lovers leftover pizza (2 slices) + Greystone Turia 2009 Pinot Noir (1 glass….so far).

Nothing too fancy along the description front tonight: I’m whoofing stewed strawberry jam and lots of herba-lisciousness up my snout while the gummy smacking savoury oliveness is waltzing along with those spicy italian sausage slices on my wedge of pizza just fine. Fine delicate tannins and lifted acidity balances well with my fine dining meal tonight leaving me licking the residuals of the juices…I pour another glass…one satisfied girl I am tonight.

Stomach not complaining and a definite grin on face :)

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