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When award winning New Zealand winemaker, Chris Archer decided to embark on a new wine project, his aim was to get a great but under-appreciated grape into more of the world’s wine glasses…the result was Joiy. Launched in 2009 and now available in Hong Kong, Joiy (pronounced “Joy”) is a sparkling wine made from 100% New Zealand grown Riesling grapes from the Waipara region in the South Island.

當年屢獲殊榮的新西蘭釀酒師Chris Archer決定開展研發新酒品,他的目標是把一款有潛質卻未被受到重視的葡萄品種帶到世界各地的酒杯中…他成就了Joiy。推出於2009年並現已在香港發售,Joiy(發音為“Joy”)是一款採用100%雷司令葡萄(Riesling)釀造的,  此葡萄品種來自新西蘭懷帕拉地區(Waipara)南部。

Joiy is all about celebration, beauty, sophistication and glamour, developed with passion and loved by all. Joiy breaks the traditional model of wine marketing and displays all that a good Riesling grape has to offer…delicate honey and fragrant floral notes with citrus undertones to balance it all off then a touch of soft bubbles for an added surprise – an intriguing sensation with a touch of sophistication. This is what makes Joiy so special…it is completely unexpected.


The enchanting and upbeat packaging design gives Joiy its storyline, inviting the consumer to enter a new world full of mythical creatures and elements suggesting “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Birth of Venus”. The relatively low alcohol content of 9.5% gives it the added approachability and opens the world of Joiy to a wider audience.


Unpretentious, unique and versatile, Joiy is approachable, uncomplicated and totally inviting. Its off-dry characteristics give it versatility to pair with food along the lines of seafood, saltier-style canapes/starters, lightly spiced dishes, creamy cheeses or light goats cheese. People remember it because of exactly what it is – “Bottled Happiness”…there is nothing else like it!


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Bottled Happiness



Joiy Has been awarded the Wine Luxe Top 100 wines

Silver Award at the Hong Kong International Wine Challenge 2013 – A Challenge With Chinese Cuisine

Bronze Award at the Hong Kong International Wine Challenge 2013 – A Cool Climate Collection


Joiy is now available from The Crush – Hong Kong Online Wine Store.
Joiy現已在香港葡萄酒商店The Crush發售。
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