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Well, we had to get your attention somehow but funnily enough I will be attempting to associate the two subjects above in this post…watch me!

Soooo…after attacking the Borough Markets I came home with a bag full of goodies:

Well it was mainly the top left hand half of the platter and the smear on the teaspoon bottom right that I brought back…Spanish serrano ham, sliced chorizo, Manchego cheese, Mahon cheese, Monte Enebro and white truffle honey.  Spreads down the middle were fig and orange jam (lower) and red pepper jam (upper).

I pretty much mentioned most in my previous blog entries except the Monte Enebro and the white truffle honey.  For those of you who cannot stand the sound of BLUE CHEESE, gag away now or forever hold your peace…

What is it that makes some of us drawn to those striking foul pungent funky stenches of some food??!??! Ever heard of “Toe Jams”??  According to Wikipedia, it is not only the mold but also the bacteria (which exists on human skin as well) which contribute to both body and foot odour and certain types of blue cheese.

Behold the Monte Enebro…

A pasteurized goats milk cheese wrapped and aged in penicilium roqueforti – a fungus found in the Combalou caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in France. Its the same type of fungus used to create blue cheese but instead of injection into the cheese the fungus exists only on the outside of this particular creation by some legendary people in Spain.  Soft, oozy and creamy on the inside, sharp tangy and salty on the outside, it is recommended with some relatively sweeter accompaniments hence…you guessed it, the white truffle honey:

White truffle has a very distinct and robust aroma and taste…very hard to describe but the first word that came into mind was “unami”…the fifth basic taste along with sweet, sour, bitter and salty.  Add this with honey and you have a florally sweet but savoury trickle (and by the way this is all you need…a trickle hence the smear on the teaspoon) to marry with the cheese for a scrumptious all-inviting mouthful.

The cheese is highly recommended with a sweeter style wine like a Sauterne…mine wasn’t quite ready to be popped open so I opted for a barrel-fermented Chardonnay with fig and sweet orange peel notes and a hint of burnt butter…now that is what I call finger linkin’ good!

AND…one final note for our calorie counters out there – apparently goats cheese is much lower in calories and grams of fat per ounce in comparison to their cow’s milk counterparts…a smart choice for those wanting to stay fit and thin.*

So there you go…Monte Enebro…sexy, skinny, smart and damn tasty!

*Statement based on having the cheese by itself without the other cheeses, jams, honey, ham, chorizo, glass of wine…or two…and baguette.

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