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25 February, 2012

Duck butt…

ok…so my hubby and I did an experiment with dinner and my beloved Pinot tonight.  Apparently Pinot pairs well with gamey meats especially chinese roasted duck soooooo…off we went down the road to the local chinese bbq shop and we came back with half a chinese roasted duck, a slab of chinese roasted crispy pork and some fried garlic kale to make ourselves feel better that we did do the balance with some veg.


What can I say, the Pinot goes bloody damn well with both the fattiness of the crispy pork, the duck meat and particularly surprisingly the duck butt!

Yup, a duck butt…I wouldn’t normally taste the butt by itself but as it turns out…curiosity did NOT kill the cat this fact, the Pinot brings out a aromatic-ness to the not-so-attractive part of the bird and the gamey-ness of the butt brings out the sweet floral notes of the wine…a beautiful match complimenting each other…strange but true…a must try for all!  If I can do, so can you!

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