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26 November, 2012

Shake Shack & Merlot

When its 2 deg outside with a wind chill factor of about -10 deg you head for the closest place food...luckily for me...the Shake Shack was around the corner to the rescue....bring on the Shack Burger + a glass of Merlot. No holds barr on the calories tonight...its all about eat, drink, fill that belly and. Read More...

Oink Oink and more Oink! A delicious selection of chinese roast pork belly (the best I've tasted so far in this city!), fatty char siu, siu pork ribs & Shanghainese fried pork chop...paired with: PINK LE GRAND CROS L'ESPRIT DE PROVENCE ROSE, France 2011 - Blend of Syrah and. Read More...

This is slightly delayed but better now than never...a scrumptious tantalizing French bistro fare at none other than Balthazar, of my fave hangouts for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My poor partner in crime was still recovering from being under the weather so I was the lone wine drinker for the nig. Read More...