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Love, Savour, Share

Yes its leftover pizza....(don't cringe)....hey whats a girl to do when she's just finished work on a Sat and has to go back to work early tomorrow grab the most accessible thing in the fridge and the top bottle off the shelf of your wine fridge...thats what. Tonight's specialty: meat lovers . Read More...

Home cheese platter
Well, we had to get your attention somehow but funnily enough I will be attempting to associate the two subjects above in this me! Soooo...after attacking the Borough Markets I came home with a bag full of goodies: Well it was mainly the top left hand half of the platter and the smear o. Read More...

20 April, 2012

Seafood & Char

I dished up a spicy seafood pasta number with clams, shrimps and a bunch of random herbs, spices, chucked in some garlic and chopped onion and threw in a touch of classic chinese fried chilli sauce – weird I know but thats what you do when you experiment cook…bit like 4th form science but without instruct. Read More...