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This is slightly delayed but better now than never…a scrumptious tantalizing French bistro fare at none other than Balthazar, NYC…one of my fave hangouts for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

My poor partner in crime was still recovering from being under the weather so I was the lone wine drinker for the night but nonetheless…the show must still go on for one to find a suitable beverage for the food that lay in front of us.

We started off with some Little Neck Clams (a definite fruit of the sea) and the Chicken Liver & Fois Gras Mousse. The mousse is one of my weaknesses here at this joint…rich, creamy and deep in flavour which goes fabulously well smeared on grilled crunchy country bread and the compulsory addition of sweet red onion confit – you must have have it with the onion confit by the way or else there really isn’t any point…trust me!!!

It was very hard to resist the Berkshire Pork Belly my friend was going for but in the end I settled for the Sauteed Skate…a heavenly choice as it turned out. Perfectly cooked with a slight gentle crispiness on the surface…it is delicately buttery in both texture and flavour…taking in all the elements around it nicely (almonds, chickpeas, capers, lemon & cauliflower puree). This is a winner indeed. A glass of the Pascal Jolivet 2010 Sancerre (dry, crisp and racy in acidity) sealed the fate of the skate dish as another one of my favourites!

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